What is Collagen good for?

What is Collagen good for?

Collagen - the superhero fibrous protein that holds our body together - can be found pretty much all over the body including skin, hair, nails & teeth, just to mention a few. 
Did you know that collagen production in our bodies starts slowing down from the age 25, and that by age 40 the collagen inside our bodies depletes faster than it is naturally produced?
In this blog post we are going to talk about the different benefits of having enough collagen in your body and why taking collagen supplements is so important for you!
Let's get straight into it!

What is collagen good for?

1. Collagen improves the look of skin, hair & nails.

Looser skin, the appearance of wrinkles, falling & damaged hair, as well as brittle nails are just a few of the signs that are brought about by the lower level of collagen caused by aging. 

2. Collagen improves the health of joints, tendons & ligaments

Stiff and painful joints are obvious signs of a reduced level of collagen cause by aging. As collagen contains the proline and glycine amino acids, having enough of it helps your joints move easier and smoother by "greasing" them.

 3. Collagen plays a role in maintaining a healthy weight

The glycine amino acid that collagen contains, helps our bodies convert glucose into muscle tissue contributing to the appearance of NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) - having more muscle tissue, requires more blood & energy to sustain it, therefore, the consumption of calories increases.

 4. Collagen contributes to a healthy heart

Proline, the amino acid inside collagen, contributes to the reduction of fat deposits inside your arteries and help them rebuild tissue, which leads to less blood pressure problems.

5. Collagen helps grow & repair bones

Even thought not many know this, your bones are a THIRD collagen. That is right, roughly 33% of our bones is collagen which gives them the flexibility needed in order to absorb the daily shocks that appear due to movement. There are actually several studies that link collagen supplimentation to a positive impact on osteoporosis.

6. Collagen contributes to a healthy liver & detoxification

Your liver processes the toxins your body produces every day. Collagen plays an important role in supporting the liver against deterioration caused by this constant process. 

7. Collagen protects the intestinal wall 

The amino acids found in collagen help your intestinal wall by strengthening its tissue and preventing it from tearing.


 Having enough collagen in our bodies is super important and doesn't have to be neglected as it may lead to serious problems. In our next blog post we are going to talk about the foods that are high in this super protein called COLLAGEN.

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We hope you found this post helpful! If you did, don't hesitate to drop us a comment down below!

 The myMAIZbody Nutrition team!

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