Veganuary is here! Try going Vegan for a month!


There are so many reasons to try this year the Veganuary challenge. A vegan diet is a great idea, both for your health and for the environment. But why should you try it? Here are some reasons that may encourage you to be part of this 31 days Veganuary challenge.


For your Health – Following diets that contain red and processed meat and dairy are often associated with cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The amazing thing is that eating a plant-based diet seems to be the solution to lower the chances of getting many of these diseases.

For Animals - Animals are treated poorly and raised in bad living conditions with the goal of becoming our food. By eating vegan, even if is for a month, you will be reducing animal cruelty and the number of animals killed in slaughterhouses every day.

For the Environment - Following a vegan diet, you will take part in reducing the emissions of planet-warming gases and the volume of water needed for animal food production. Did you know that cattle have a enormous environmental impact due to their release of methane? That is eight times the emissions of pork, chicken, or egg production.


Bottom line, if you end up finishing the Veganuary challenge, is going to be a great achievement that you can be proud of. When you are done, you get the chance to reflect on how the month went for you overall.

What impact had had to your body and mind, did your mental and physical health improved? What was your experience with preparing and eating vegan food, do you feel amazing knowing you have made a positive impact on the environment?


Whether you decide to keep on with the vegan diet, go vegetarian, or simply reduce your meat consumption and being a flexitarian, participating in Veganuary is a great way to experience and learn about the impact that meat consumption has overall.


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