Magnesium deficiency, known as hypomagnesemia, is sometimes an overlooked health problem.

In some cases, this deficiency may be underdiagnosed because the obvious signs usually don’t appear until your levels become severely low.

Some health conditions such as diabetes, poor absorption, chronic diarrhea, and celiac disease are associated with magnesium loss.

This are a few symptoms that might appear when you have magnesium deficiency:

    1.Fatigue and muscle weakness:

Just keep in mind that everyone becomes fatigued from time to time. Sometimes, it simply means you need to rest. On the other hand, severe, or persistent fatigue may be a sign of a health problem.

Muscle weakness, which may be caused by the loss of potassium in muscle cells, a condition associated with magnesium deficiency.

That is why, magnesium deficiency is a possible cause of fatigue or weakness.

  1. Mental health conditions:

Mental health conditions are another possible effect of magnesium deficiency.

Some studies concluded that magnesium supplements might benefit a subset of people with anxiety disorders. It seems that a deficiency of magnesium might cause nerve dysfunction and promote mental health conditions in some people.

Observational studies have linked low magnesium levels with a higher risk of depression.

  1. High blood pressure:

Some studies show that magnesium deficiency might increase blood pressure and promote high blood pressure, that is a strong risk factor for heart disease.

Many reviews stated that magnesium supplements may lower blood pressure, particularly in adults with high blood pressure.

  1. Irregular heartbeat:

Irregular heartbeat (heart arrhythmia) is among the most serious possible effects of magnesium deficiency.

Scientists believe that an unbalanced of potassium levels inside and outside of heart muscle cells (a condition associated with magnesium deficiency) might be the cause.

In a small study in 68 people with heart failure, magnesium injections significantly improved participants’ heart function (



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