How you can boost your immune system and keep you and your family healthy.


We are living in the Era of busy lifestyle and busy people and sometimes our habits of eating healthy and keeping our body healthy are left behind. Is easy to grab something quick to eat then spending hours cooking when you have a deadline project, a very important meeting or even piking up the kids from school.

That is why we want to share some tips on how to include some healthy habits that you and your family can enjoy without disrupting your daily activities.


Let’s start with the breakfast which we all know is the most important meal of the day.

To make a quick and healthy breakfast is very easy, just throw some bananas, berries, oats, and some greens (spinach, kale) in a blender and add your favorite milk, you now have a healthy smoothie for breakfast that will keep you full until lunch.

In your lunch break you can try to stay away from the fried food and fast foods. A grilled chicken breast sandwich is lower in saturated fat than a burger. Try to keep a balanced meal by having a good mix of lean protein, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy low-fat dairy.

If for dinner your ordering, take away or your going to a restaurant try to choose the meals that contain more veggies and less dressing and extra toppings. Of course, we also have a desert idea for you, instead of the B&J ice cream try to have some frozen yogurt with fresh jam on top and you will get the extra protein from the yogurt and still enjoy a sweet and delicious treat.

Try also to supplement with vitamins especially in the cold season by adding some Vitamin C, Zinc  and Vitamin  D into your diet and drink at least the recommended amount of water per day.

 Now all you need to do is to put in practice all the above and make your challenge of kipping a healthy life easier.



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 The myMAIZbody Nutrition team!

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